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We found our experience with Midwest Insurance Technicians to be very professional and consultative in nature. Rather than just buying health insurance, we discussed pursuing an HSA along with other financial services that they would help us with! It's one thing to be our insurance agent, but to have a background in financial advising is an added benefit. Also, our agent has followed up several times with us to ensure our satisfaction.


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Kansas Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance Quotes for business travel, personal vacations and more - all at low cost, affordable premiums!

Kansas Insurance Online offers three types of travel plans provided through International Medical Group® (IMG®): Short term International coverage, long term International coverage and trip cancellation coverage. Each plan includes access to a 24-hour assistance center where multi-lingual representatives are available round-the-clock for medical emergencies, emergency medical evacuation and pre-certification.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, international travel involves risk. You may arrive at your destination to find that your luggage with your personal items has disappeared. A personal emergency may necessitate your early return to your Home Country. A medical emergency may require hospitalization or even air evacuation.

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In most cases, your existing insurance will not provide adequate protection for these and other risks. Without appropriate travel insurance, you may be exposed to significant financial liability. We have several plans designed to take the risk out of international travel, so you can have an enjoyable and productive trip.